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23rd January 2014     0

Scrapyard Circle

It has been a long time – almost a year in fact – since I have done any painting whatsoever. In 2013 I had a lot of plans for painting projects which unfortunately never came to fruition. I attended a LOT of Warmachine/Hordes tournaments over the year with my Trolls but didn’t paint a single […]

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3rd February 2013     0

133rd Pollaxan Janissaries

The last month or so has seen me move my painting station to a new location, giving me a bigger space to work in, and have my photography station, painting table and airbrush set up in the same space which is great. Here’s the start of my current project – the 133rd Pollaxan Janissaries, an […]

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31st December 2012     0

Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, right now I’m working on this Pyre Troll and experimenting with airbrushing. This model will feature as a video tutorial on Ammunition Games in the new year. You can get palm springs roofing expert when you want to have the best looking roofs out there.

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13th July 2012     0

More progress on Scrapjack

A bit more work on Scrapjack tonight, aiming to complete him over the weekend. Mainly working the browns of the packs on his back, a basecoat of GW Graveyard Earth, highlighting up with more and more GW Kommando Khaki, before mixing up a Graveyard Earth/Black mix to shade back down with. I will be setting […]