24th December 2012     0

New Miniatures Gallery Site: Putty & Paint

Came across a new website today called Putty & Paint made form WebDesign499, it’s a new miniatures gallery for artists to showcase their work. Their design is very nice and the voting system looks better than the usual “Hot or Not” style voting. At the moment the site’s invite only, looking forward to getting an […]

30th September 2012     0

Death Guard Test Model

With the recent release of Forge World’s Horus Heresy book, I’ve been getting quite excited about Pre Heresy Death Guard – and with the miniatures being so expensive I might as well make a good job of them painting wise! So before I dive in and experiment on the real thing, I grabbed an old […]

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23rd September 2012     0

UK Golden Demon 2012

It’s been a while, mainly because I’ve been working on my entry for Golden Demon. This is the first time I’ve entered for around 6 years and I’m looking forward to the day. Really enjoyed painting this mini and fingers crossed I make it past the first cut which is what I’m aiming for.

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11th August 2012     0

Nomads Spektr

Today myself and the guys from Ammunition Games are off to WAMP 2012. Last night I decided to paint one of my Nomads army to enter into the show 🙂 And here’s the CMON voting page 🙂

31st July 2012     0

Conquest on the horizon

With Scrapjack out of the way (final pics to follow soon) I got excited and started the next thing on my painting table straight away…

24th July 2012     0

Final Scrapjack WIP

Last WIP shot of Scrapjack, a little more work on the base and some light sourcing and we’re done. I’m so glad I’m not painting any metallics for Golden Demon this year!

22nd July 2012     0

Scrapjack Metals Progress

Quite a bit of work on Scrapjack’s metals this weekend, concentrating on the silver parts. I’m not 100% happy with it so far, needs a bit more work I think, but getting there!

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