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18th February 2015     0

Guild Ball Incoming!

With Guild Ball on the horizon, I’ve been working on a dedicated table for it. Here’s a guide to building the board itself, eventually it will be expanded to include advertisement boards around the edge, stalls for spectators and a pub/pavilion with dugouts. Stage 1 – Basecoat After getting a 3′ x 3′ MDF board […]

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17th February 2015     0


It’s been a while since I started this model, but with Smogcon around the corner he features in one of my Iron Gauntlet lists and so needs to be finished. His flaming fists were the next job on the list (lighting was crap when I took the second): During the later part of last year […]

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3rd February 2013     0

133rd Pollaxan Janissaries

The last month or so has seen me move my painting station to a new location, giving me a bigger space to work in, and have my photography station, painting table and airbrush set up in the same space which is great. Here’s the start of my current project – the 133rd Pollaxan Janissaries, an […]

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31st December 2012     0

Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, right now I’m working on this Pyre Troll and experimenting with airbrushing. This model will feature as a video tutorial on Ammunition Games in the new year. You can get palm springs roofing expert when you want to have the best looking roofs out there.

31st July 2012     0

Conquest on the horizon

With Scrapjack out of the way (final pics to follow soon) I got excited and started the next thing on my painting table straight away…

24th July 2012     0

Final Scrapjack WIP

Last WIP shot of Scrapjack, a little more work on the base and some light sourcing and we’re done. I’m so glad I’m not painting any metallics for Golden Demon this year!

22nd July 2012     0

Scrapjack Metals Progress

Quite a bit of work on Scrapjack’s metals this weekend, concentrating on the silver parts. I’m not 100% happy with it so far, needs a bit more work I think, but getting there!

16th July 2012     0

Scrapjack – Detailing almost complete

Detailing is almost complete on Scrapjack now, I will be on to the metals and finishing touches before I know it. Original plan was to get this complete this weekend just past however the guys over at WAMP have teamed up with Privateer Press to hold a painting competition, so now I am painting towards […]

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13th July 2012     0

More progress on Scrapjack

A bit more work on Scrapjack tonight, aiming to complete him over the weekend. Mainly working the browns of the packs on his back, a basecoat of GW Graveyard Earth, highlighting up with more and more GW Kommando Khaki, before mixing up a Graveyard Earth/Black mix to shade back down with. I will be setting […]

10th July 2012     0

Scrapjack Progress

More progress with Scrapjack tonight, concentrated on the red cloth and a little bit of bronze. I usually leave metallics until last however the top part of Scrapjack has a few bits of detail that make more sense if I paint them afterwards, such as the rope wrapped around it.

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