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1st March 2017     0

Madrak 3 and Smogcon 2017

My latest finished model is now on here, Madrak 3 from Privateer Press. I took this along to Smogcon 2017 and entered the P3 competition. While it didn’t win a prize I got some great feedback from the judges and know exactly what I did wrong. I’ll be back next year for sure hopefully for […]

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2nd March 2015     0

Smogcon 2015

Last weekend was Smogcon 2015 at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow Airport. 400 excitable Warmachine & Hordes players from around the UK, Europe and a few further afield descended on the hotel for 3 days of gaming shenanigans, I actually was going to miss the event but since this page is using the best SEO […]

31st July 2012     0

Conquest on the horizon

With Scrapjack out of the way (final pics to follow soon) I got excited and started the next thing on my painting table straight away…

24th July 2012     0

Final Scrapjack WIP

Last WIP shot of Scrapjack, a little more work on the base and some light sourcing and we’re done. I’m so glad I’m not painting any metallics for Golden Demon this year!

22nd July 2012     0

Scrapjack Metals Progress

Quite a bit of work on Scrapjack’s metals this weekend, concentrating on the silver parts. I’m not 100% happy with it so far, needs a bit more work I think, but getting there!

16th July 2012     0

Scrapjack – Detailing almost complete

Detailing is almost complete on Scrapjack now, I will be on to the metals and finishing touches before I know it. Original plan was to get this complete this weekend just past however the guys over at WAMP have teamed up with Privateer Press to hold a painting competition, so now I am painting towards […]

14th July 2012     0

ETC 2012 Khador Army

Had a photo shoot today getting shots of the army I painted for the ETC at Maelstrom Games last weekend. It was tough getting them all done in the end, and some of them I had to rush which was a shame, but for 4 weeks work I’m pretty happy with them. So without further […]

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13th July 2012     0

More progress on Scrapjack

A bit more work on Scrapjack tonight, aiming to complete him over the weekend. Mainly working the browns of the packs on his back, a basecoat of GW Graveyard Earth, highlighting up with more and more GW Kommando Khaki, before mixing up a Graveyard Earth/Black mix to shade back down with. I will be setting […]

10th July 2012     0

Scrapjack Progress

More progress with Scrapjack tonight, concentrated on the red cloth and a little bit of bronze. I usually leave metallics until last however the top part of Scrapjack has a few bits of detail that make more sense if I paint them afterwards, such as the rope wrapped around it.

9th July 2012     0

Scrapjack WIP

Well I’m back from the ETC and still in the painting mood. The Midland Steamroller series is in around 1 month’s time and I’m planning an Old Witch list as my 2nd list for that. Plus I really like the Scrapjack model so it’s a win-win situation really! Taking a little bit more time this […]