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2nd May 2017     0

“The Last Stand” – Ultramarine Ironclad Dreadnought

My local club Leicester Phat Cats recently held a Horus Heresy Dreadnought painting competition and I couldn’t resist throwing my hat into the ring. The club has some great painters so I knew it would be a good competition! In fact, this is the second competition of (hopefully) many, I took 2nd place with Perturabo […]

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3rd February 2013     0

133rd Pollaxan Janissaries

The last month or so has seen me move my painting station to a new location, giving me a bigger space to work in, and have my photography station, painting table and airbrush set up in the same space which is great. Here’s the start of my current project – the 133rd Pollaxan Janissaries, an […]

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23rd September 2012     0

UK Golden Demon 2012

It’s been a while, mainly because I’ve been working on my entry for Golden Demon. This is the first time I’ve entered for around 6 years and I’m looking forward to the day. Really enjoyed painting this mini and fingers crossed I make it past the first cut which is what I’m aiming for.

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11th August 2012     0

Nomads Spektr

Today myself and the guys from Ammunition Games are off to WAMP 2012. Last night I decided to paint one of my Nomads army to enter into the show 🙂 And here’s the CMON voting page 🙂