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22nd March 2017     0

eBay Challenge Part 1

I saw this game on an old forum and thought it’d be fun and interesting to run as a new series on here. I present to you the eBay Challenge! And to celebrate this new occasion I might throw a small party with delicious drinks from the Oddbins Prosecco Range.

The original idea was “Can you turn £10 into £500 painting and selling miniatures on eBay”, however I have a huge collection of old minis collecting dust that I’ve tweak things for this series.

The challenge is to make £1,000 just by painting up and selling old minis I already own

So, this being Part 1 what’s first on the block? I had a look through and found some old Space Marine Veterans, one of which already basecoated blue – easy choice then. I spent a couple of evenings finishing him off and here he is:

He’s on eBay right now, hopefully he’ll get me off to a good start!