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3rd February 2013     0

133rd Pollaxan Janissaries

The last month or so has seen me move my painting station to a new location, giving me a bigger space to work in, and have my photography station, painting table and airbrush set up in the same space which is great.

Here’s the start of my current project – the 133rd Pollaxan Janissaries, an Imperial Guard unit that fight alongside the Subjugators Space Marines. I’m working on both the Marines and the Guard together, using them in a campaign at my local gaming store. To start with I have 1,000 points of Marines and 500 points of Guard. First on the painting table is this Chimera, which will transport a unit of veterans. I’ve gone for the Forge World extra armour, which I like as it bulks out the tank, and also the Forge World alternate rear door just to be a bit different. We also painted murals with great muraledesign.



So far I’ve airbrushed with VMC Dark Sea Green, and then with VMC London Grey. Then I’ve used Vallejo pigments to add rust and mud effects. Next I’m planning to add some fresh mud effects, scratches and other battle damage. Plus the weapons, icons and other details. Finally it will be finished off with regiment markings. I will post up the final model when it’s complete!